How To Generate Leads For E-commerce Marketplace Integration Companies

by crawbee

E-commerce, which is among the most dynamic sectors, is growing and expanding at an inevitable speed all over the world .E-commerce trends in Turkey is also continues its growth. Marketplaces are  digital environment where buyers and sellers come together and buyers can easily access the products.

Turkey’s largest marketplace platforms are Trendyol, Amazon, N11, HepsiBurada and GittiGidiyor.

What is Marketplace Integration?

Marketplace Integration Companies

Marketplace integration is a system that enables sellers who have taken their place in e-commerce marketplaces to manage all their transactions from a single screen. In the internet environment, a seller can sell all their products in different categories and features on more than one marketplace. Thanks to the “Marketplace Integration”, transactions of all marketplaces can be managed from a single screen.

There are too many companies where provide marketplace integration services for e-commerce websites.In competitive markets ,getting new customers might not be the easiest task but it’s something that is needed for your business. One way of gaining new customers is lead generation. You need to generate leads for getting new clients. Your current customers are already using your services, yes, but it’s not enough. You need new potential customer who are also interested in using your services. That’s what lead generation gets you. In that regard, lead generation is very important.

The good news is, the technology always gets tricks up its sleeve to help you gain a leg up against big competitors. In this instance, web scraping. Maybe you’ve heard of it but never got a chance to dip your toes into. Now, it is time to gear up and get ready with web data to gain new customers.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the extraction of web data from various sources into a well-structured format. It has been first adopted in the investment field to gather disparate web information and served the purpose of decision making. As of today, it has been widely applied to many areas like fetching real estate listings, campaign monitoring, content aggregation, lead generation etc. we’d like to show how to generate leads for sales and marketing department of marketplace integration companies.

We will show only demo a specific category on an e-commerce site. Thanks to our Crawbee product, you can collect leads for all categories in all e-commerce sites.

Lets choose Trendyol , one of largest marketplace platform in Turkey, for generating leads. Here are steps to generate leads for marketplace integration companies.

1. Selecting Category

Lets choose mobile phone category. Mobile phones being amongst the largest categories in the e-commerce space so we have a high possibility of catching potential customers.

2. Selecting Most Preferred Sale Items

Thanks to our crawbee product, we can quickly get information such as product names, product detail links, product prices of the most sold mobile phones. Since we need marketplace sellers who sell the product now, we may use only product detail links.

3. Getting Marketplace Sellers Link

we have the best selling product links now, we use crawbee product to go the sales link of each product and get the links of the market place sellers that sell the product.

4. Getting Useful Information For Seller

We go to the detail links of the companies by using the Crawbee product. Let’s select the useful information on the seller’s page that we can use in lead management process. For example, seller name, seller rating, number of users following the seller, number of products to be sold.

5. Getting Contact Information For Seller

After gathered useful information about the market place sellers, we need to contact the sellers and promote your products or services, but we do not have any contact information to communicate with potential customers.

By using our crawbee product on the Internet, we can find the websites of the sellers through web applications such as social media and google. In addition, we may find the contact information of the sellers who do not have a website from social media channels.

6. Finalize Lead Data

By using our Crawbee product effectively, we combined data from trendyol and google, social media applications, and obtained the seller names, follower numbers, the company’s store score, product number and contact information of the top selling mobile phone sellers.

Our data is now ready and we can start customer acquisition process by adding our data to complex crm systems.Thanks to the crawbee product, we completed lead collection job that would take days manually, within hours.

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