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Web Crawling Solution For Data Extraction

Our web crawling solution provides web data exactly as you need it at the desired frequency via your favoured delivery medium.
Web Scraping

Get clean,high quality data from any website without the technical effort

We want to be the preferred data partner for your businesses because

E2E Customization

Our crawlers solutions are flexible enough to deliver tailor-made data feeds

Managed service

We provide the end-to-end data pipeline from building and maintaining the crawler to cleaning, normalizing and maintaining the data quality.

Low latency

The crawls run smoothly to deliver data as per the timeline with the help of Our high-performance machines and the optimized crawling techniques

Highly scalable

With our robust crawling infrastructure , we can provide millions of records on daily basis

Do not waste your time for searching data , Just focus on the data for business growth

Product and Pricing Intelligence

Companies can have easy access to a complete product listing from specific categories along with all the product specifications and prices listed together from E-commerce companies websites.

News and Content Monitoring

Seamlessly aggregate and integrate news and article data into your workflows.Media websites can follow the data of other media websites for tracking current news.Continuous news feeds in near real-time.

Social Media Data

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,and many more. Streamline your social flows including posts, tweets, comments, etc, discover the most engaging content and understand your customers more.

Travel & hospitality

By accessing airfare data, Airline companies can empower competitors monitoring and pricing intelligence activities. Extract all reviews about hotels for various websites to power analytics decision system.

Lead Generation

Generate smart leads and targeted lists to fuel you sales and marketing activity.Web crawling scours massive websites several layers deep to collect valuable data powering leading firms around the world.

Equity & Financial Research

Financial research company can have copetitors bank credit rates accesses blend of market in order to build a engine.Popular credit card comparison portals can scrape bank sites to fuel their comparison engine.

Job Aggregation

Job leads across websites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc. Web crawling automates job discovery, fetches fresh job listings by title, locations and many more. We take the heavy lift for recruitment agencies, job boards.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the many industries that are being disrupted by data-related technologies and innovations. Whether you are a broker, investor, ect. You have the potential to become gain invaluable insights from web extracted data.

Steps required to get benefit from our web scraping service

Step 1: Take Requirements

You give us the reuirement of which websites you want to crawl with data fields and frequency.

Step 2: Prepare Sample Data

We develop the crawler according to your requirements and provide sample data.

Step 3: Finalize Crawler Configurations

If you confirm sample data, we finalize the crawler setup and continue data extraction as per the pre-specified frequency.

Step 4: Deliver Data

We contionusly deliver the data in your preferred format with any frequency.

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