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We all agree that data is the new oil. If you are working in the Marketing department, the mandatory and necessary condition of being a qualified staff is your knowledge of statistics. This is especially important for e-commerce marketers. The hidden truth of e-commerce business is in the data scattered on web pages. How do companies use E-commerce data for business development?

There are more you should know about prices

No brand and retail company wants to be deprived of this information, which is very important for competitive products, so many e-commerce companies scrape the price data on their competitors’ e-commerce platforms. However, even the same price information can create different perspectives.

1 Map Compliance

To avoid price war and unhealthy competition among retailers and distributors, brands have to set a Minimum Advertised Price so that all parties agree not to sell or advertise above this price. By scraping from e-commerce web pages, brands can get real-time prices of their retailers and distributors across multiple e-commerce platforms. By getting fresh new price data, they get instant alarm when the MAP is violated. That’s how brands monitor the MAP and protect their brand reputation.

2 Market Competitiveness

Price is the most important factor that affects the decision of the consumer. In order to maintain price competition in a competitive market environment, brands need to invest in competitive price tracking. If the product on your shelf is sold at a lower price by someone else, you should create an alarm mechanism and go deep into  the details.

3 Discount tracking

Holiday marketing is a always been a tough race for e-commerce runners. Marketers always rack their brains to find an effective and powefull marketing strategy to harvest the most e-commerce buyers. By scraping prices on ecommerce websites, you can track your competitors pricing strategy – how much discount they are giving to their consumers during the holiday marketing season.

What stock data can tell you

4 Stock level and popularity

 Stock data can tell you how the product sells. You can track the sales amount by monitoring the stock number and threfore gain a sight of how hot it is on the market. Scraping stock data on a regular basis, that is to use scheduled web scraping, can give you fresh data at whatever interval you want. How the stock changes over time will be easily spotted by just comparing sets of data. 

5 Regional availability

 For physical retailers, scraping data on e-commerce platforms according to geographic location is the shortest way to understand the range of products needed in the neighborhood. Many local retailers sell their products on their online platforms.For some spesific locations, you can scrape the stock data of these retailers from their web pages and offer your customers products that are not in your competitors shelfs. This will lead consumers to you.

How web scraping helps with your product ranking

Many SEO marketers use crawbee, a web scraping service, to implement SERP monitoring, that is to monitor their web page rankings under certain queries. This is a transferable skill that can work as well for ecommerce marketers

6 Monitor your category page rankings!

Some consumers go online with a shopping list, while some just surf casually on the ecommerce page. Category Page Ranking is your oppurtunity to demostrate your products to this group of casual shoppers.

These ranking monitoring are ordinary jobs for many ecommerce marketers. If you are running an ecommerce business, watch your competitors as they watch you!

Listen To Your Customer

Due to accessibility or cost of time, not every business gets opportunities to talk to their customers. If you can’t talk to them, listen to them. To win back disappointed customers is way more difficult than to keep them when they are still interested.

7 E-commerce reviews reveal

Reviews are the shortest way to get feedback from your customers. You should never close your ears to these comments. Complimenting comments can be a clue to identify the improvement points in your products on the other hand Compliments can be accept as strong side of you should never compromise.

8 Conversation on social media

People share and talk on social media. That is where you can observe their genuine attitude towards different brands and products. Crawbee provide not only ecommerce web scraping model, but also model to scrape from social media. Not only the ecommerce industry, many investors and professionals in other areas get social media data to carry out sentiment analysis.

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