How is Web Scraping Used in the Automotive Industry

by crawbee

In the early 2000s, the automotive industry was truly in risky situation because of the Great Recession’s aftermath, and for market players, it was all about surviving. Fortunately, today’s market landscape has changed severely for the better. The industry emerge many business opportunities, thanks to the emerging consumer demand for cars and auto parts in the developing countries and exciting future vehicle concept models.
And, to catch these business opportunities, pioneering companies are turning to web scraping practice that provides much needed data-backed insights and aids the business decision-making process.
Hence, in this article, we will briefly talk about the web scraping practice for the automotive industry and explore a few already proven external data collection use cases. And also, we will talk about the essential instrument that are needed to gather this vast amount of data efficiently. What is the best choice for big companies? How to use an auto web scraper? Let’s begin.

Automotive industry data scraping

Firstly Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website. In general, web scraping is used by people and businesses who want to make use of the vast amount of publicly available web data to make smarter decisions. The whole process consists of identifying the predefined data points on the web and extracting the desired data for the later analysis phase. Essentially, the web scraping practice require web data sources, automation, and proxy networks.

As an example, the used automobiles market players generally extract such automotive industry data as model , mileage,the car make, year, price, fuel type, auto parts, to name a few.

Also, web scraping practice can be use to collect data on customers preferences, users and auto parts reviews, habits and purchasing power, warranty repairs, and much more. Generally, this sort of automotive industry data supports the predictive analysis of the market and allows companies to discover further business opportunities.

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Use Cases

Here are only a few already verified web scraping use cases within the automotive industry:

Market trends : Web scraping is an already well-used technique by many industry experts for predicting trends. So it can really help gear up the automobile industry. The regular collection of data of a relevant field is guaranteed to help you spot trends. When you have data, you can analyze it and find specific patterns that lead to specific events. What makes the prices change? When do the sales boom? When your competitors come up with new products/deals? This kind of analyzed A shapes switched-on companies’ policies. Instead of thinking how to collect data, companies can focus on data analysis and tracking trends in their markets.
Aggregated car listings websites rely on the web scraping practice to pull a vast amount of real-time data from the entire web and display it on their one-stop-shop sites for consumers’ convenience.
Consumer sentiment analysis by web scraping practice allows automotive manufacturers and auto traders to gather powerful insights from drivers. This analysis insights aids in optimizing existing procedures, as well as generating designs of future vehicles.
Auto parts sites utilize the web scraping practice to monitor the demand and supply for auto parts by exploring competition’s product catalogs, sales figures, auto part reviews, warranty repairs information, to name a few.
Of course, we only talk about tip of the iceberg. The automotive industry generates a big amount of data on the web that holds immense value for the used car and auto parts market participants, car manufacturers, or even start-ups hoping to become the next Tesla.


Hopefully, by now, you have a decent understanding of how the automotive industry is already benefiting from the web scraping practice and what resources are needed to gather the data successfully.
It is safe to state that with the upcoming further technological advancements within the sector, data-backed insights will shape the foreseeable automotive industry companies’ policies.
If you don’t know how to start your own web scraping project, we have many more blog posts on crawbee that will answer all of your questions!

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